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Food services for schools by Dussmann 

The right nutrition for schoolchildren and students

A balanced diet contributes to faster absorption of new information and facilitates learning. A healthy body is the first step toward a healthy mind. That’s why Dussmann Food Services is the right partner for your school or higher education institution. We can supply you with the right nutrition for students and instructors, helping boost your success!

Added value through services

  • Broad range of daily food service options
  • Locally sourced food
  • High quality, rich in nutrients

dining concept CoolCooking25 years of experience in catering and food service

CoolCooking is our catering service for students and schoolkids, offering more than just good cafeteria or dining hall meals. Designed with a modular structure, it adapts to the individual requirements of every age group.

We support school events and provide practical information for classroom instruction. We are happy to work with teachers and parents on nutrition education and to accommodate individual requests.

We serve foods that kids and young adults enjoy eating and focus on careful preparation and top-quality ingredients. We use mainly seasonal products sourced from local suppliers in the process. Our range of food options is aligned to the tastes of young guests, and our service is creative. This makes your dining hall a popular meeting point, but that’s not all. You can also rest assured that you are boosting the health, well-being, and concentration of your students.  

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Dussmann Food Services

So much more than school meals

Dussmann is known for its versatile services  in school catering. We also cater to a wide range of other facilities - from coffee bar to full catering, from daycare centers to retirement homes. Together with our clients, we turn services into tailor-made solutions.