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Sustainability in facility management

Sustainability in facility management

To us, sustainable action in the field of facility management means offering social standards, striving for high cost effectiveness, and utilizing working materials in such a way as to conserve resources. We take action daily to have as little environmental impact as possible. 

The added value of our services

  • Sustainable solutions in all areas
  • Meeting the very highest ecological standards
  • As little use of chemicals as possible

Because less is sometimes more – sustainability according to plan

Across all our service segments, we pursue the same goal of providing services sustainably. Facility management is no exception. For example, we have been providing required sustainability training on a fixed schedule for all operational employees for several years now, with regular refreshers. The content of the training addresses how to use electricity, water, and cleaning chemicals in such a way as to conserve resources.
Before we start working with a product or supplier, all of the goods and options offered undergo a meticulous review by our in-house competence center experts, who work closely with the central purchasing department to evaluate the products and suppliers and approve them if they are found to be suitable. This is how we make sure only products that align with our sustainability policies are used and pursue a holistic sustainability strategy. 

Our services and products in detail

  • Use of dosing systems and highly concentrated products
  • Detailed SOPs, divided into those for manual and machine cleaning, are provided to every employee, with on-site training by supervisors
  • Cleaning with a pre-dosed cleaning fleet

  • Use of cleaning chemicals reduced by up to 90% through consistent use of spray cleaning systems
  • Top-quality cleaning – with the utmost in cost effectiveness and lowest investment of time, effort, and expense
  • Absolute dosing certainty via color coding
  • Use of smallest volumes of water and chemicals – while ensuring hygiene

  • Waste bags made from reclaimed materials (such as PET bottles or recycled plastic)
  • Reduced CO2 emissions during production in comparison to plastic bags, and remaining emissions are offset by supporting global climate action projects

  • Plastic components made from 100% recycled plastics
  • Longer life span (average of four to five years) compared to standard commercially available 100% plastic cleaning carts

  • Vacuum cleaners made of up to 70% top-quality recycled plastic
  • Reduces energy use by up to 70%
  • Numantic ReFlo technology

  • Reduced water consumption and improved cleaning result thanks to the i-mops
  • Through the cooperation with the MADE BLUE initiative, the saved water is made available again as clean drinking water in developing countries

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As a company that operates internationally, we are particularly aware of our responsibility. Sustainable thinking and action are an important part of our business activities.
For cleaning, we use cleaning supllies from our system partner. This product system was specially developed for ecologically valuable cleaning in accordance with the criteria for awarding the EC Eco-label (2005/344/EC). 

Dussmann Facility Management

A full range of services – sustainable and tailored to fit your needs

With Dussmann you are not only sustainable, but also always professionally positioned. We offer a wide range of facility management services which we develop together with our clients into customized and personal solutions - from building cleaning, through food services to to refrigeration and low-voltage equipment service.